Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binders Full of Women

I think Sarah Silverman said it something like this: Mitt Romney is one of the most progressive thinkers of 1950.

No matter where you sit, it is rather true. Looking at his beautiful family -- I mean through black and white television lenses, the Romney's are the classic throwbacks. They look like tee off time at the country club. They need argyles. Tennis whites. Big bowls of Wheaties at the kitchen table. Ann is Mrs. Cleaver. Father Knows Best. Walter Cronkite on the 6:00 news. Baseball games played in the afternoon. Notre Dame, or should I say Brigham Young on the field.

And so at the second debate, when Mitt Romney uses an expression about "binders full of women", it evokes something oddly and otherworldly time-warped, before Richie Cunningham, before Dallas, before Dynasty. Straight outta middle America, Governor Romney is indeed the man who can take 10% of Americans back to 1950, right back to sandwiches on tiered platters with the edges of the white bread snipped off so that Mr. Romney's five toothy sons don't have to suffer with the crust.

This is Mitt Romney's hope for the future.