Friday, January 28, 2011

Early in the Morning, Before You Eat Your Breakfast, You Gotta Get Down

For some unknown reason, with this old song ringing mercilessly in my ears, a kind of funk renaissance has echoed in my head ever since I saw Fatih Akin's Soul Kitchen. Unfortunately, I missed it at MDC's Tower Theater on Calle Ocho, but I did catch it at UM's Cosford. If you missed it on the big rectangle, I don't know if it will complete the suburban trinity and be screened in the future at the Coral Gables Art Cinema, but if not, you can select option four and watch it at home on Netflix. No matter how you feel about the film, the soundtrack is beautiful. That's where we need to go.

When I was little, I first heard Funky Broadway by Dyke and the Blazers. I remember friends doing the dance, and with a little prodding, encoragement, or lubrication, I could probable to the pre-AARP version today. Wilson Pickett covered it as well. Now I'm distracted by memories of Otis Redding singing Try a Little Tenderness. Good stuff!

Check out the soundtrack -- Dyke, Bogaloo Joe Jones, Kool and the Gang, Quincy Jones, and supercool Syl Johnson among others. Then, one day we'll talk about the music from 24 Hour Party People or This is England.

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